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FAQ & Help

FAQ & Help

All our students receive EASA licenses which are valid in any EASA country and is well accepted worldwide.

Albawings Aviation Academy is located in Tirana, Albania for the theoretical part of each training and Rome airport for the conduct of the practical training.

To start your training you will need the passport and diploma or certificate of your highest education. We will also schedule you for the Medical examination as soon as possible so that you’ll be able to fly.

For PPL, you need Class 2 Medical Certificate.
For CPL, IR, MEP, ATPL, you need Class 1 Medical Certificate.

No, as long as your sight can be corrected using these lenses and you carry a spare pair on board, there is no reason why this should stop you.

Over the years the most common reasons we have common across are color blindness and less commonly, sinus problems.

Albawings Aviation Academy is a provider of ab-initio flight training. Wide portfolio of courses meets each trainee’s individual needs and help every pilot to reach their goals no matter if you have previous experience in Aviation field or not.

The flying hours stated on the website and in the brochure are all the EASA regulated minimum hours. How much you will need all depends on how you perform. Some students may require additional training to be fully prepared.

Depending on the type of flight training, we try to take our students to as many airports as possible in the region.

All material, lessons and briefings are in English. Therefore a good knowledge of the English language is ideal.

Albawings Aviation Academy has a different installments plan for each course, that allows every trainee to take a training phase that is perfectly fitting his financial abilities.

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Albawings Aviation Academy is the newest initiative in Albania and the only EASA licensing piloting school in the region. Our commitment is to provide a holistic aviation education experience.

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