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Commercial Pilot License
Training aircraft - The Piper P28T.

The CPL will raise the standard of flying to a level where one can pass and improve level of flying skills.

Course Duration

4 to 5 weeks.

Pre-entry Requirements
  • Hold a current Class 1 Medical Certificate.
  • Be the holder of a PPL.
  • 150 hours flight time as pilot (100 as Pilot in Command).
  • Passed ATPL theory examinations.
  • Completed a Night Rating.
The CPL course consists of
  • 15 flight hours, from which 5 hours conducted on Piper P28T.
  • UPRT: Upset Recovery Training .
  • Final Practical Exam (minimum 90 minutes of flight practical test), under the supervision of Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) Inspectors.
Requirements for licence issue
  • 18 years of age.
  • 200 hours total flying time to include: minimum 100 hours PIC and 20 hours VFR cross country.
  • A cross country flight of at least 300nm landing in at least 2 different aerodromes apart from the departure aerodrome.

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Albawings Aviation Academy is the newest initiative in Albania and the only EASA licensing piloting school in the region. Our commitment is to provide a holistic aviation education experience.

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